1. How is Tolie different from other resource centers?
Tolie acts as your personal assistant by providing sourcing services and low and competitive retail costs from our constantly expanding library of over 100 different vendors. Shipping is included with all quotes so there are no extra or hidden charges to worry about and we take pride in going the extra mile to help you succeed in your business!
2. How does Tolie help me save time and make money?
Being designers ourselves, we know the extensive amount of work and time you put into each project. By acting as a one stop shop for the design trade, we are able to save you time and money by providing guaranteed trade discounts on product which can all be found in one place.
3. Does Tolie charge a membership fee to designers?
There are two levels of membership offered at Tolie:
Gold leaf Members pay an annual $250 membership fee to purchase products through Tolie. This fee is recouped via membership discounts after ordering product worth approximately $1,250. Basic members can join without paying a fee but will have limited access to browse and explore our vendor list and product information. Complete our short online survey and receive a one-month complimentary Gold Leaf access to the club!
4. How do I register and what is the registration criteria?
In order to register, you can simply apply online under member registration. You must be a designer in order to be a member as Tolie only caters to the design trade. Upon registration, Tolie checks references and credentials and calls applicants to confirm credit card payments.
5. How do I use Tolie to source and order furnishings?
Simply fill out our sourcing form online or send us an email at info@toliedesingerclub.com and we will reply to you within 24 business hours.
6. How do I pay for my order and how does Tolie pricing compare to other sources?
Our pricing is generally superior to other sources. Guaranteed trade discounts are provided and our loyalty program allows you to continually grow your savings based on your volume with the club.
7. How can I view catalogs, fabric samples and finish samples?
You may view our vendor list and browse through product information online under our product library on our website. Each vendor is categorized by price point and style to make it easier to distinguish between each other. You may also visit our showroom for our on site Fabric and Bedding library along with out extensive collection of catalogs featuring over 100 Designer Lines.
8. How are claims handled and what is your return policy?
Should your furniture arrive at the receiver in less than perfect condition due to manufacturing defects or shipping damages, Tolie facilitates the repair or return. All sales are final as per vendor policies.
9. Where can I ship my order to and how are freight charges calculated and billed?
Tolie can ship anywhere in Canada by using your trusted receiver or by sourcing one in your behalf. Freight to our Toronto warehouse is included in all quotes. Expedited shipping or shipping to other locations may incur further costs.
10. How can Tolie help new and seasoned designers in the industry?
As a new designer, you may not have the luxury of having a large team under you and that is where Tolie comes in. With our knowledgeable and experienced staff, we are able to act as your virtual personal assistant by helping you familiarize yourself with different vendors and products. For the seasoned designers, we are able to help by saving a lot of time which is key in the design industry. Also, we provide one on one assistance as well as the opportunity for you to bring your clients in to our showroom to utilize our wide ranging library to your advantage.